Impulse Computers


We provide a wide range of remote cold room monitoring and walk in freezer monitoring solutions with different types of sensors suitable for different temperature levels and for vehicles which carry critically temperature sensitive items such as Medicine, Drugs, Vaccines, Food etc.

End to End Cold Chain remote temperature and humidity monitoring

The system uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to provide real-time remote temperature and humidity information throughout the transport and storage time.

Have you ever wondered how to get alerted before your cold chain is broken and you lose your inventory due to refrigerator and freezer breakdowns? With our wireless temperature monitor system, it is easy and convenient, with automated push notifications on the mobile app and visual alerts it is easy. Our hardware footprint is small and will not deface your displays or interfere with your operations.

We offer temperature monitoring systems which are cost effective and cloud based for wireless end-to-end cold chain monitoring. You will have full visibility and traceability to your supply chain and operations. The system provides real-time temperature and humidity information throughout the transport and storage time. If temperatures limit values are exceeded, the service automatically sends alerts on your mobile and email.

Benefits of Remote Refrigeration Monitoring

Remote Cloud Access

Your operational room could use the remote monitoring system to monitor your refrigeration system 24/7. Access to reports to check on their performance

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts alerts to let management know that an incident took place that needs their attention. Be pro-active with remote refrigeration monitoring.

Improved Food Safety

Maintaining consistency in food items that ensures safety according to the standards set by food regulatory authorities is extremely important for the hospitality and retail food industry.

Our complete solution for remote monitoring of cold rooms and freezers

We are providing a wide range of cold room monitoring and walk in freezer remote monitoring solutions with different types of sensors suitable for different temperature levels. Feature of our system are:

  • Pushed notification on mobile app whenever the temperature and humidity levels are detected to be outside the normal ranges
  • Wired and WiFi models are available which can be used based on your connection facilities.
  • Cloud based and LAN based cold storage monitoring allows the user to login to the system remotely. Multiple locations can be combined in a single system.
  • Built-in battery back up for all our gateways to enable consistent data  logging even when there is power failure.
  • Our logistic  devices are GSM and GPS enabled and can store power up-to 60 days before recharging