Cold chain monitoring with IoT guarantees delivery quality and improves customer satisfaction

Monitor temperature in cold chain transport from dispatch to delivery

It is crucial for the food and pharmaceutical industries that their transports are timely delivered and handled with the correct temperature conditions during storage and transport.

The monitoring solution helps you stay in control throughout cold chain transport as advanced sensors log the temperature and position throughout the transport.

Solving the two major issues of cold chain transport

As you might know, it is very costly for companies to redeliver if products are wasted because of temperature breaches. Also, it is hard to prove who is responsible and liable for mistakes when cargo arrives in an unacceptable condition at the final customer.

The cold chain monitoring solution aims to make these two challenges a thing of the past.

  • Firstly, our tracking devices help you secure the correct delivery quality by logging temperature and humidity. The device will alert you if preconfigured limits are breached, enabling you to act immediately to prevent damage. This will reduce waste and save you money instantly. 
  • Secondly, the solution provides location-based insights on the time of incidences, unlike temperature stickers and other solutions. By knowing where any damages have occurred, you can prove who is liable for the damages to your cargo.

Furthermore, suppose managers are able to keep a record of the conditions and location during the transportation process. In that case, this secures compliance in the supply chain towards all interests in the delivery process.

How cold chain monitoring works with our tracking devices and data loggers

Advanced IoT technology will drive efficiency throughout your supply chain.

An RHT sensor tag measures relative humidity and temperature data. The RHT sensor communicates with our IoT device which automatically collects and sends data to our comprehensive cloud-based platform.

If any thresholds data from your transport exceed thresholds defined for your delivery, the system automatically sends out an alert to the users. This enables cold chain managers to react immediately and fix the problem and possibly minimize the risk of losing the products.

Tracking can grow your business supply chain

Our cold chain monitoring solution helps businesses to streamline processes in the supply chain and enhance decision-making. This, we dare say, will help you achieve a temperature-controlled supply chain that gains operational efficiency and improves quality control.

The system can generate proof temperature data for documentation use. Documentation and quick notification to customers about delays and damage to cargo can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

So, take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Alerts when temperature changes
  • Temperature data for documentation
  • Customers are getting a data set to prove compliance in the delivery

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